Symphonic Music Revealed

Sunday,  Nov. 1, 2020
3-3:30 Program
3:30-3:45 Q&A 

Music of the Presidents  

Believe it or not a number of our US presidents were accomplished musicians.
Conductor Marguerite Richardson discusses the musical talent of the Oval Office.

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Sunday,  Nov. 22, 2020
3-3:30 Program
3:30-3:45 Q&A 

Holiday Music Selections: Pairing classical music with your holiday meal  

This holiday we may find ourselves looking for a way to enhance our holiday experience.
Conductor Marguerite Richardson discusses fine tuning your music selection to accompany various foods and beverages. Since champagne is her favorite celebratory drink you can be sure she’ll give you some tips on pairing a bottle of bubbles with something very special!

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