Thank you to everyone who has supported the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville.



The Lance and Christine Braunstein Family

CHUBB Insurance

Nadine and Mitchell Terk



Jamie and Jules Cesaretti

Marilu and Michael Hornstein in memory of Joannie Zabinski

Alan Howard and Gwen Gallagher-Howard



Charmaine Coombes

Grassroots Natural Market

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Kim Harris

Integrity Law

Donna Masters

Sandra Mulholland

Nasrallah Family Foundation

Shorstein Family Foundation



The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Mark LocVagr

John  and Vanessa Lukas

Dawn and Ron  Roessler

Roya Rouhani

Christine Whitney

Gilbert Wright


Friends of the Orchestra


John Arnett

David & Andrea Arnold

Mary Bellairs

Scott Berglund

Rebecca Brown

Richard Cardell

John Chen

Fred Del Pozo

Carol Fallucco

Charlie Fillipucci-Arnett

Melinda Gopp

Kyle Guenther

Jerry Gugel

Peggy Harrell

Beth Hawley

Helen & John Hill

Peggy Holt

Bunky Johnson

Ahmad Kasraeian

Judith Klein

Martin and Shelly Kulchin

Denise Landoli

Diane Martin

Chester Montgomery

Stefan and Marguerite Ochs

Jeffrey Otey

Ann Ouellette

Astrid M. Pedrosa

Virginia Peugnet      

Manuel Portalatin

Jennie Rambo

Richard Saucier

Sonja Schoeppel

Kelly Schu

Naomi Sheridan

Judith Shorstein, in honor of Beth Shorstein

Lauren and Gary Snyder

Rochelle Stoddard

Molly Sweet

Deborah W. Taylor

Conrad and Melissa Weichnacht

K. Zelenkov


In Kind Sponsors

A very special thank you to:

Jennifer Barrett for website design

Bernie’s Wine Stop


Bold City Brewery

Brad Buckley and the Musicians Union

Community Loaves

Troy Farquhar, Esq. of Integrity Law for legal counsel

Grater Goods

Monica Pasquini for vocal collaboration

Lee Schwartz, Esq. for legal counsel

Rebecca Shorstein for vocal collaboration

Sydney Wittenmeier for the orchestra’s graphics and logo designs