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“Simply breathtaking”
– Kelly Gardener, Florida

“We thoroughly enjoyed the concert! It was very enjoyable. Thanks for a wonderful evening.”
– Gayle Harvey, Florida

“I thoroughly enjoyed the symphony and was so impressed with how professional the evening felt and the attendance. Thanks for the invitation. Your commitment to the symphony and in seeing its value to the community is so insightful. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.”
– Jane Benzinger, Ortega, Florida

“I just love these talented folks! So proud of you organizers doing good things for the community even beyond giving beautiful music! Discovering you folks has put the icing on the cake of deciding to retire in Florida!”
– Cindy, Florida

“My husband and I had not been to a live orchestral concert before. We were blown away by the performance and it inspired us to see more civic orchestras in the future!”
– Jessica, Dayton Beach, Florida

“Having the opportunity to witness the Jacksonville Civic Orchestra perform was a delightful experience.  Knowing that members of our local community have the ability to come together and create such an enchanting musical delight is amazing.  I left the performance in awe and inspired! The performance in the St. John’s Cathedral was spectacular and included guest vocals from world renowned opera singers. The performance took us on a ride through classics and beyond, leaving the audience wanting and waiting for more from this dedicated group of musicians living in the Jacksonville area! The variety of performance locations throughout the season to view performances, leave options for everyone. A tremendous experience and one I would highly recommend for any music aficionado to partake in while in the Jacksonville area. The string section is a personal favorite!”
– Monika, Flemming Island, Florida

“Gifted! Talented! What a Treat!  The Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville’s performance was outstanding! The final concert of the season was a culmination of months of intense rehearsals and it truly paidoff. The Flower Duet by Lakme piece, along with the opera singers, was powerful and moving. This was my first Orchestra concert, but surely not my last. I’m looking forward to the new season and bringing family and friends to experience this musical work of art.”
– Kathy, Orange Park, Florida

“We have been supporters of the Jacksonville Civic Orchestra from the start and have attended concerts in a variety of venues from the MOSH to St John’s Cathedral and more. Jacksonville is lucky to have another first class orchestra within its boundaries. The concerts have been excellent whether playing classical or opera, well known pieces or introducing us to pieces that we may not know! The concerts are suitable for anyone – young or old, connoisseurs of classical music or those dipping their feet for the first time. Each piece is introduced with a little background and there may be several different styles in one concert so if one composer doesn’t float your boat then the next piece might just hit the spot! These dedicated musicians with their free community concerts are making first class classical music available to everyone.”
– Gaenor, Flemming Island, Florida