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Educational Outreach Program

The Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville serves its community and beyond with an educational outreach program. We have taught hundreds of children to better understand the connection between music and visual art. It is our hope to share the joy of music as we ensure all concerts are free and family friendly.

About the Program

Classes are selected for the Civic Orchestra Educator, Melinda Gopp, to visit. For scheduling, 2-3 classes back-to-back is preferred. A cart with our supplies can be rolled from classroom to classroom, however, having the students rotate in and out of an art room works best. The students will be introduced to vocabulary words pertaining to art and music composition including: tempo, rhythm, texture and chords. They will learn the science behind art and music by discussing light waves and sound waves. Through a painting demonstration that focuses on the use of tools, the students will be introduced to several painting techniques. Finally, the students will paint with tempera paints while listening to a recording of a musical composition the orchestra will be performing at their next concert. The teachers, students, and parents/guardians are invited and encouraged to attend the free, family-friendly orchestra concerts and experience a live performance. Their artwork will be displayed (with parental/guardian permission) at the upcoming concert and then returned the following week to their school.

How to Schedule

Choose particular grades/classes you think would enjoy and benefit from this program. Select a few potential dates that would fit your schedule.

Email Melinda Gopp at
with the dates, times and any questions you may have. Visits will be scheduled by Melinda and confirmed with the contact person at each school.

Classroom visits will be scheduled for the 2019-2020 school year between the beginning of the school year and April 24, 2020.

Connecting Visual Art and Music
Appropriate for grades K-8 45 minutes 

 Download our Lesson Plan Here

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