The Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville is a volunteer classical music orchestra. Members donate their time and talents to cultivate classical music connoisseurship through education, performance and collaborative programing. Civic Orchestra concerts are informal and free.

Our Mission:
To create symphonic music for everyone

Our Vision:
To create an extraordinary music experience that realizes the potential of our musicians and illuminates the power of collective effort

Founded in 2016, the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville is a 501(C)3
not-for-profit community orchestra.

We’re thrilled that northeast Florida now has a community ensemble that enables us to play big works by Beethoven, Bizet, Grainger, Khachaturian, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Saint- Saëns, and other great composers of the past, but also affords us a chance to introduce recently-written music to our audiences. We believe in building our community by being a model of volunteerism. We hope to bridge cultural gaps by performing in all sorts of venues: a cathedral, a synagogue, a distillery, a museum, a zoo! We’re an orchestra that wants all the arts to thrive along the First Coast. So, we collaborate with ballet companies, opera singers, and visual artists to create unique concert experiences. We want a fabulous classical music experience to be accessible to everyone. That’s why our concerts are…FREE! We’re still a new ensemble, but already, we have quite a following! We’re grateful for that! Rest assured we’ve got more music in store!

Board of Directors: 
Nadine Terk, President
Leah Kosiek, Vice President
Jennifer Barrett, Treasurer
Molly Sweet, Musician Liaison
Gwen Gallagher-Howard, Secretary
Carol Meyer, Board Member
Jerry Gugel, Board Member
Kristy Thorsen, Board Member
Kent Justice, Board Member
Larry Arceneaux, Board Member
Charmaine Chiu, Board Member